Everyone on Tumblr please avoid user ‘stephenfryismygod’ also known as Kevin


His blog is here.

He tricks women into liking him, by lying about things like his age and who he is involved with, so that you can feed his ego and make him feel better about himself.

He will feed you the same stuff as every other girl and pretend to really like you when he is either using you for notes on his selfies, or using you to boost his ego.

He will make you think you are the only person he’s involved with, while there are many MANY more women, and the count for right now is at 10, not including me, but it is more than likely to rise as more ladies come forward to me.

ANNND just incase he deletes his blog, here is his face:


Don’t ever speak to him, he is so scummy and so disgusting.  He will use you for his own selfish needs and that is about it.

I keep finding out about more and more women he’s fucked with and has weirded out, I want nobody else to fall victim to this.

I’m putting this on my old url to make sure it gets in his tag.